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MARANI M-16 mixer  

: 5857410163
: M-16
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M16 is a 2 rack unit high performance digital mixer. On the front panel, among its 12 input connectors, 8 of them can be used as MIC or LINE. Together with the 16 Mic/Line Inputs, 4 AUX Output channels (two of them can be selcted as Monitor Outputs mirrors) and MAIN LEFT and RIGHT channels are available on XLR connectors, the 4 Line Inputs are on ¼ Jack. On ¼ Jack is also available an earphone connector, whose gain is adjustable, available as MONITOR OUTPUT
The M16 supports USB stereo recording. By connecting a USB Stick to front panel's USB connector, the M16 is providing stereo or dual-channel recording and playback, allowing to select the recording source in between input and output channels. M16 is managed with powerful MARANI® DSP engines, providing a series of sophisticated audio processes like up to 1024 taps FIR filtering on MAIN LEFT and RIGHT Outputs, Effects, Ducker, RTA, Feedback Eliminator, Automixer and more. Moreover, each input and output channel contains Parametric Equalization, RMS Compressor, delay and other useful processes. On Each output is also available a 31 bands graphic Equalizer.
In addition, there's a WIFI module inside the M16, making it more convenient to connect the device with its dedicated PC interface software or iPad APP, for real time monitor and parameters editing, especially in studio and live performance applications. Each device can be connected by up to 4 WiFi connections (Pc or iPad) and 10 Ethernet connections (Pc), for a total of 14 devices connected at the same time.
If a modification to the M16 setting is done with one of the devices, the modification is reported automatically to all the others connected in parallel. Firmware update is also available via simple software operation.
To the embedded 12 channels, 4 more Input Channels can be added via extension cards: the extension cards can be different and allow the extra 4 channels to come from different sources as standard analog ones, AES or Dante™.


Outstanding Performance
12 Embedded Input channels: 8xMIC/LINE + 4xLINE
4 Input channels from Extension Card: 4xLINE; 4x AES; 4x Dante™
Any MIC is with a Phantom 48V Power, selectable between on and off
4 AUX Outputs (2 mirroring Monitor on selection) plus 2 Main Left and Right Outputs and 2 Monitor outputs on stereo ¼ Jack
8 x Silencer™ MIC Preamp
Automatic Overflow Control for Clipping Removal on internal processes
Top-grade DSP Engine
4 PEQs for each input channel, selectable as Bell, Hi/Lo-Shevling or Morph EQ, which will fix the EQ's frequency, type and Q while controlling the gain so as to enhance the vocal or instrumental performance
8 PEQs + 31 GEQs for each MAIN output channel
3 PEQs + 31 GEQs for each AUX output channel
On each input channel, there's a 2nd order HP filters, Noise Gate function, RMS Compressor and adjustable delay time
For each MAIN and AUX output, there's HP/LP filter whose slope up to 24dB/Oct, RMS compressor, feedback eliminator and adjustable delay time
In addition to Dynamic Filter, there's also up to 1024 taps FIR in MAIN output, with FIR coefficients generated from internal Wizard Tool or imported as .txt or .csv from the Third Party Application


Audio Characteristics


8x Female XLR connectors: usable as MIC and LINE
4x TRS Connectors: LINE

Extra Input Channels on Extension Card

4xTRS Connectors: LINE
4xXLR Connectors: AES


4x Male XLR connectors: AUX (two selectable as Monitor)
2x Male XLR connectors: MAIN L/R



S/N Ratio

Main L/R: 100dB
Monitor: 103dB

Frequency Response

20Hz~20kHz; -0.5dBu at 20Hz~20kHz

Ground Noise


Max Input Gain

LINE: +15dBu
MIC: -12dBu

Max Output Gain

AUX: +15dBu
MAIN L/R: +15dBu

DSP Processing

DSP Processing

MARANI DSP engine, 24 bit (audio data) x 48 bit (coeff.), 24 x 96 bit resolution on intermediate computation results

Input EQ

4 PEQs, selectable as Bell, Lo/Hi-Shelving, or set as the Morph EQ

Output EQ

MAIN: 8 PEQs + 31 GEQs
AUX: 3 PEQs + 31 GEQs
Filters of the PEQ can be selectable as Bell, Lo/Hi-Shelving

Filter Gain

-12 ~ +12dB

Filter Q Factor

0.3 ~ 20

Output Gain

Up to 12dB

HP/LP filter (AUX / MAIN)

1st /2nd /3rd /4th order of Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, frequency ranging from 20Hz ~ 20kHz (step: 1Hz)


Types: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Chorus+Tremolo, Flanger+Tremolo, Phaser+Tremolo, Room (small, mid, large)


Threshold: -56 ~ -12dBfs, step: 1dB
Release Time: 1ms ~ 1s
Attack Time: 1ms ~ 1s
Hold Time: 10ms ~ 1s

Feedback Eliminator(AUX/ MAIN)

Displacement Frequency range (Delta F):
2Hz ~ 8Hz

Input Noise Gate

Threshold from -80dBfs ~ -50dBfs
Attack Time from 1~1000ms;
Release Time from 1~1000ms

RMS Compressor

Threshold from -30dBu ~ 0dBu
Ratio: 1:1~32:1, Knee: 0~100%
Attack Time: 1ms ~ 1s
Release Time: 1ms ~ 1s


Each input delay time is up to 15ms
Each MAIN has an up to 150ms delay
Each AUX has a delay time is up to 150ms






Weight (Net/Shipping)

3.7 kg / 4 kg



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