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AUDIX DP5A Professional 5-piece Drum Microphone Package

ش⿹Ѻͧ͡شẺ 5  AUDIX DP5A Complete 5-Mic Drum Package 㹪شСͺͧ͡ D-6 kick drum mic 1 , i5 snare mic 1 , ͧ͡ D-2 tom mics 2 ͧ͡ D-4 floor tom mic 1 ѺСͧ case 

The DP5A from AUDIX professional drum microphone pack contains five microphones required to mic a standard rock kit: kick, snare, rack toms and floor tom. Perfect for stage or studio, this selection of dynamic drum microphones features exclusive Audix VLMTM capsule technology offering accurate sound reproduction in very high SPL applications. Microphone clips, mounts and rugged aluminum carrying case are included.


  • i5 snare mic 1
  • D-2 tom mics 2 
  • D-4 floor tom mic 1
  • D-6 kick drum mic 1
  • D-Vice gooseneck clips 4 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum road case 1 ͧ

i5 Cardioid Microphone
The I5 features a cardioid polar pattern with a linear frequency response, capable of accurately reproducing signal at high sound pressure levels (SPL).

D2 Hypercardioid Microphone
The Audix D2 drum microphone features the frequency and sensitivity response required for accurately reproducing signals from drums and percussion instruments.

D4 Hypercardioid Microphone
With a polar pattern an sensitivity characteristics much like the D2, the D4 features a tailored frequency response suitable for low frequency percussion such as toms and kick drums.

D6 Hypercardioid Microphone
The Audix D6 is a cardioid dynamic low frequency instrument microphone suitable for kick drums, bass cabinets etc. The cardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis noise and ambiance caused by additional instruments, monitors etc.


  • Professional set of 5 drum microphones for stage or studio
  • Microphones work in tandem to replicate each drum accurately and independently
  • Easy to set up and position


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